Guest Lecture – Agnieszka Bandura (Wroclaw) on Experiment in Arts and Aesthetics

Agnieszka Bandura

Institute of Philosophy at Wroclaw University; Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wroclaw

Experiment in Arts and Aesthetics

Thursday, October 4, 17:30, Celetná 20, Prague 1, 4th floor, C426

Experiment in Arts and Aesthetics

Main topics:
1. Is experimental aesthetics an essential alternative for the broadly known philosophical aesthetics or so called philosophy of art?
2. Experiment in philosophy vs. experiment in aesthetics:
– David Hume’s role and limits of experiments in science and his critique of induction,
– Pierre Duhem’s theory of indeterminancy of experimental criteria,
– Karl Popper’s theory of empirical falsification,
– Theodor W. Adorno (experimenting both in arts and science as a constant need for taking the risk written into human nature),
– Jean-François Lyotard “experimenting community” of artsits and philosophers.
3. History of “experimental” aesthetics:
– Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten (the natural aesthetics/ aesthetica naturalis and the aesthetics of arts/ aesthetica artificialis),
– Gustav Theodor Fechner (“aesthetics from below”/ Ästhetik von unten) and “aesthetics from above”/ Ästhetik von oben),
– Grant Allen et al. (physiological aesthetics),
– Charles Lalo (aesthetics from below/ esthétique d’en bas as a part of a general science of pleasure/ hédonique),
– contemporary experimental approaches to aesthetics: Chris McManus, Margaret Livingstone, Vladimir Konečni, Alva Noë, Michael Baxandall, Johan Wagemans et al.
4. Art as experiment:
– art as used to experiment with human perception and understanding of reality,
– innovation of the twentieth and twenty first century experiments with nature and environment: experimenting with nature (land art; environmental arts); experimenting with the human (body art; hybrids and prosthesis etc.); experimenting with the impossible.